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My heritage is Balinese Australian, and whilst I live in Australia my connection to Bali and its culture runs deep. It informs my philosophy both on and off the mat. Bali is also where I gained my professional certification as a yoga teacher, and where I started my yoga teaching practice.

Yoga and meditation are wonderful tools to have in your life toolbox, and can be practiced by anyone, anywhere. There are the awesome physical benefits (who doesn’t want to be strong and bendy?) as well as amazing mental benefits, like helping you stay present, learning to be responsive rather than reactive… I could honestly go on forever.

To book, simply get in touch via the Contact page  with a little information about your team and what you are looking for, and we can make your yoga dreams a reality. 

Once you are booked in, The Bali Yogini will provide you with a PDF info pack to share with your team ahead of their session, as well as your unique Zoom invitation link. See you on the mat!
You betcha! The Bali Yogini is covered by professional indemnity and public liability insurance, is First Aid certified, and professionally accredited by the Yoga Alliance® RYS200 Teacher Training.

Paying for your sessions with The Bali Yogini is easy. Payment can be made via direct deposit or credit card, with payment details provided via invoice prior to your initial class. Please note The Bali Yogini requires full upfront payment a minimum 48 hours before your first session.

Your company will need to pay The Bali Yogini directly, and can then decide if they wish to fund the program entirely or have staff pay a contribution for their sessions.

Whilst one class can begin to deliver some of the amazing benefits yoga has to offer, like most things in life, the more you practice, the more benefits you receive. The Bali Yogini recommends a minimum of 4 sessions so that you can truly reap the mental and physical rewards of yoga and meditation and make your sessions worthwhile.

> Reduced stress 

> Greater clarity and concentration 

> Improved mental health 

> Increased vitality and wellbeing 

> A greater sense of team and community 

> Higher staff morale 

> Improved staff retention 

> Decreased absenteeism 

> Increased productivity 

> Higher employee engagement 

YES YOU CAN. Yoga is for everybody. Read that again. Everybody. Forget those bendy insta-influencers. That is not yoga (ok well maybe it is, but that’s not the only thing yoga is about). Yoga with The Bali Yogini is about making you feel good in your body. I will not make you sit in lotus pose for hours or ask you to demonstrate the splits (unless you want to of course).

Props are great, but apart from a yoga mat you won’t be needing any fancy equipment for our classes. Any props we do use will be common household items, like chairs, walls, cushions, and towels. Easy!

Recognising the increasing trend in employees working remotely, battling busy schedules, and generally feeling time poor, The Bali Yogini is committed to providing workplace wellness that fits seamlessly into your team’s schedules and is accessible to everyone no matter the day, no matter if there’s a snap lockdown.

The 25 student maximum allows me to see everyone clearly on my screen at the same time, and ensures a safe and enjoyable class.

Sure, why not! I conduct the bulk of my teaching online as it makes classes so much more accessible, especially now that more of us are working remotely. But if you and your team are Melbourne-based, get in touch so I can see your lovely faces IRL.

Awesome! I love sharing yoga with as many people as I can, and I love it when people come to me as their go-to yogi person. Just shoot me a note with the details and we can make it happen.

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